A Unique Approach to



Welcome to Inclusive Learning Academy!

ILA is a New Jersey State approved private school for students with disabilities. Unlike most private schools, we do not operate in a freestanding building. Instead, ILA utilizes classrooms inside of public schools. Our goal is to create a learning environment that is as similar as possible to that of their mainstream peers, while also providing the individualized instruction and related services they need to be successful.

ILA currently has three campuses located in Butler and Kinnelon. Multiple locations allow us to offer our program to students in grades K-12.

An inclusive learning environment is only one element of our unique approach to special education. ILA’s holistic learning methodology takes in to account the student’s overall academic, social, and emotional wellbeing. Some significant elements of our program include:

Least restrictive environment.

Our students spend at least 40% of their day with their mainstream peers in a variety of academic and social settings, including mainstream classes, lunch, recess, and specials. Among approved private schools, ILA offers the most inclusive  learning environment for our students.

Data-driven academic program.

ILA contracts with a Board Certified Behavior Analyst to collect and evaluate student information when developing our curriculum. Additionally, students who demonstrate the behavioral and academic capacity are eligible to enroll in any class offered at the public school, allowing for significant educational opportunities.

Multisensory reading interventions.

Our staff is trained in a variety of reading programs including
Orton-Gillingham, Lindamood-Bell, and the Sonday System.
Each student is evaluated to determine which approach best suits their needs.


Positive reinforcement behavior modification system.

All of our students participate in a positive-based and self-evaluative point system. By having students evaluate their own performance at the end of each period, positive behaviors become intrinsic for each student and they are able to chart their success on a daily basis.


Evidence-based social skills curriculum.

ILA educators utilize the Second Step program to integrate social-emotional learning into their daily curriculum. Research has shown a significant decline in problem behaviors and a corresponding increase in academic success.


Our “Return to District” policy.

Whenever feasible, and in the best interest of the student, ILA will work together with Child Study Teams to facilitate that student’s transition back to their home district.

Mission Statement

The Inclusive Learning Academy is an approved private school for students with special needs that operates from within public schools.

The mission of ILA is to provide our students with a comprehensive education in accordance with their individualized needs while simultaneously facilitating opportunities for growth and achievement in educational, social, and civic settings. It is our goal to instruct students in the skills necessary to thrive academically and socially, so that they may confidently and ably participate in all aspects of the public school program. When a student’s development at ILA is exceptional, it is our desire to see that student transition back to their respective school district and rejoin their peers.

Our programs are located in the public schools which allows our students to remain connected with the mainstream of students. This vital link helps to keep children from feeling isolated from their peers and permits us to tailor a specific educational approach for each student’s individual needs. Through our innovative learning strategies, our comprehensive and compassionate counseling program, and our creative enrichment opportunities, the Inclusive Learning Academy offers an ideal educational experience that is incomparable anywhere in northern New Jersey.

At ILA, we aspire to do more than graduate students. Our aim is for each student to develop the skills to succeed in school as well as make a positive contribution at home and in their community. The lessons taught at ILA are not exclusive to the classroom and so cannot be taught solely in the classroom. We employ specific strategies and techniques in order to create an atmosphere that is both conducive to learning as well as nurturing. Our staff maintains consistent communication with parents and they are regularly incorporated into their child’s ILA experience. We, at the Inclusive Learning Academy, consider ourselves to be an intimate team. The pinnacle of our success is a student who embraces our core values and accepts us as part of their family.