The most integral part of our program is our clinical services. We believe that students will not be open to learning until they have developed a solid psychological foundation of self-esteem, confidence, and trust. Our certified and experienced counselors are at the forefront of that endeavor under the supervision of our clinical school psychologist. We invest significant time into developing and implementing a specific behavior modification strategy for each of our students.

Our effort does not begin or end with the school day. Our counselors maintain regular communication with parents and are available 24 hours a day. Additionally, we strongly encourage parents to keep us informed of any issues at home, big or small, that may affect their child’s performance in class. We take calls as early as moments before the school bus arrives from a parent informing us that their child is “having a rough morning.” The more information we have, the better equipped our staff will be to work with our students.

ILA counselors provide a variety of services to our students. In addition to the counseling specified in a student’s Individualized Education Plan, our counselors are trained in crisis prevention and intervention. We conduct Social Skills Groups for our students on numerous subjects including empathy, self-esteem, and communication skills. We offer our high school seniors training in multiple post high school concerns such as assisting with college applications, resume writing, and practicing for job interviews. ILA also contracts with outside agencies to provide physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy.

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